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Skiving & Roller Burnishing Process

Explore Machines with Skiving & Roller burnishing capabilities
Skiving and Roller Burnishing Process Machines

Skiving is a hole finishing process used when very tight dimensional and geometrical tolerances are required. It is the fastest method to achieve surface finish having very fine peaks and valleys ideal for roller burnishing process. The Skiving Tool is basically a twin/multiple edge floating reamer which follows the existing bore. The Roller burnishing tool coldworks the surface by merging peaks & valleys thereby producing very high surface finish and also a hardened surface. Both Skiving and Roller burnishing processes can be done simultaneously by using combined Skiving cum Roller Burnishing Tool. This process is 8 – 10 times faster than honing operation.
The Skiving blades and burnishing rollers are expanded hydraulically while rotating and feeding though the bore. At the end of the operation these are retracted and the tool is withdrawn. High pressure coolant is supplied to the tool through the annular area between the bore and the tube outer diameter. The coolant along with the chips is evacuated from the other side.
Precihole offers dedicated Skiving & Burnishing machines for high production scenarios. This setup can be accommodated in a BTA drilling machine.

Skiving and Roller Burnishing Machine

SBN Series

Skiving & Roller Burnishing

Precihole’s Skiving and Roller burnishing machine combines state-of-the-art features to offer a high speed high volume production of hydraulic cylinders. This technology is about 40 times faster than honing and results in excellent output parameters needed on hydraulic cylinder tubes.

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Deep Hole Drilling Special Purpose Machines

Special Purpose Machines

Multi Spindle Multi Axis

Precihole specializes in custom manufacturing deep hole drilling and hole finishes machines that are not covered in our standard series. With over 30 years of special machine design and development experience under its belt and a team of highly experienced concept and design engineers, Precihole prides itself to be one of the best SPM manufacturers in the industry.

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