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Gun Drilling Process

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Gundrilling Process Machines

Gun drilling process is used to produce deep and straight holes. This process is very specialised as compared to the conventional twist drilling process. The standard gun drill tool geometry has a single effective cutting edge. Unlike the twist drill the gun drill cuts through the metal eccentrically and once inside the component the tool self-pilots itself. The hole is further burnished due to the guide pads which finally results in a precise round hole with maintained straightness. The Coolant enters the tool through the coolant through hole and the chips are gushed out through the V shaped profile on the gun drill. Gun Drilling is effective from ф1 to ф30, but if you wish to go higher BTA drilling becomes more effective than gun drilling.

Micro Gun Drilling Machine

GDM Series

Micro Gun Drilling
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Single Axis Gun Drilling Machine

GVN Series

Single Axis Gun Drilling

This series is our most popular series and has 100s of applications in dozens of industries. This series covers drilling range from Ø2mm to Ø40 mm and lengths of parts up to 1500 mm. Machines are designed for 3 shift production mode and provide all the features for excellent output parameters like straightness, bore tolerance and surface finish.

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Three Axis Gun Drilling Machine

XYGVN Series

Three Axis Gun Drilling

These machines are designed for prismatic parts that need multiple holes on the face. The use of CNC controls to interpolate X, Y and Z axes movements gives precise location and repeatability for holes. Applications include cooling holes in mold plates, glass molds as well as long plates needing through holes in them.

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Column Type Deep Hole Drilling Machine

PMTC Series

Column Type Drilling

This series is specifically designed for large mold bases and tube sheets. Machines can be configured for gun drilling mode or BTA mode as per requirements. This series can incorporate 3 to 7 axes of CNC depending on features selected.

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Deep Hole Drilling Special Purpose Machines

Special Purpose Machines

Multi Spindle Multi Axis

Precihole specializes in custom manufacturing deep hole drilling and hole finishes machines that are not covered in our standard series. With over 30 years of special machine design and development experience under its belt and a team of highly experienced concept and design engineers, Precihole prides itself to be one of the best SPM manufacturers in the industry.

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