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Die & Mold Industry

Explore Machines for Die & Mold Industry
Die and Mold Industry Deep Hole Drilling Machines

Die & Mold industry components usually have complicated shapes and drill holes to be made at various angles. This involves a lot of skill on the part of the operator as well as increases the process time. Precihole Machines are developed for both large as well as small mold plates. Precihole’s 3 Axis Gun drilling machine with CNC control is developed for drilling angular holes in various manifold plates, cooling holes in dies, capsule magazines, runner block,  ejector pins etc. Specially designed fixturing for specific component allows reduced cycle times. Automation can be incorporated to further reduce cycle time. Precihole also provides sub-contract services for small as well as large batch production.deep hole drilling in various dies and molds.

Three Axis Gun Drilling Machine

XYGVN Series

Three Axis Gun Drilling

These machines are designed for prismatic parts that need multiple holes on the face. The use of CNC controls to interpolate X, Y and Z axes movements gives precise location and repeatability for holes. Applications include cooling holes in mold plates, glass molds as well as long plates needing through holes in them.

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Column Type Deep Hole Drilling Machine

PMTC Series

Column Type Drilling

This series is specifically designed for large mold bases and tube sheets. Machines can be configured for gun drilling mode or BTA mode as per requirements. This series can incorporate 3 to 7 axes of CNC depending on features selected.

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