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Machines by Industry

Explore Machines by Industry

With 3 decades of experience, Precihole has supplied Machines to various industry segments. If your industry requires an application in deep hole drilling, Precihole has a solution. Standard as well as Custom build solutions for specific industry applications that ensure the required hole specifications are met.

Automotive Industry Deep Hole Drilling Machines


Precihole solutions for automotive industry are designed to work in 24 X 7 mode with minimal downtime combining aspects like close tolerances and high volume production using various types of automation.

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Defense Industry Deep Hole Drilling Machines


Precihole has over three decades of experience with providing hole generation and hole finishing solutions for all calibers of artillery barrels and other parts in Defense industry.

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Aerospace Industry Deep Hole Drilling Machines


Deep Hole Drilling applications for aerospace industry are complex and require super precision output parameters. A combination of multiple processes on same machine are also required. Precihole machines are designed with all these needs in mind.

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Oil and Gas Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Oil & Gas

Precihole solutions for Oil& Gas are perfectly tuned to optimize drilling on exotic materials like Stainless Steel, Duplex and Inconel used in that Industry. Machine specs and design are customized to suit the needs of the application on a project to project basis.

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Hydraulic Cylinders Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Hydraulic Cylinders

Precihole’s Skiving and Roller Burnishing solutions are ideally suited to high volume manufacturing needs of hydraulic cylinder manufacturers while controlling surface finish and wall thickness variation in check.

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Injection Molding Deep Hole Drilling Machines

Die & Mold

Precihole’s solutions for the die and mold industry includes innovative and cost-effective solutions for precision manufacturing of mold plates in the fastest possible time with high efficiency. 

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Firearm Industry Deep Hole Drilling Machines


Precihole firearm solutions include gun drilling, pull reaming and rifling machines that are capable of holding tolerance to produce highly precise match grade barrels

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Energy Industry Deep Hole Drilling Machines


Precihole’s solutions for energy industry combine versatility as well as accuracy for applications like windmill turbine shafts or baffle plates used in heat exchangers.

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Medical Implants Deep Hole Drilling Machines

Medical Implants

Precihole’s Medical implant solutions include various features that allow precise drilling in material like Titanium and Stainless Steel which are frequently used in these applications.

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