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Pull Reaming Process

Explore Machines with Reaming capabilities
Reaming Process Machines

Pull reaming is used to improve straightness and accuracy of long holes. The reaming tool is rotated and pulled through the drilled hole. The surface finish as well as size of drilled hole is improved using this process. Precihole provides reliable, well designed machines for this process that are guaranteed to perform.

Pull Reaming Machine

PRVN Series

Pull Reaming

Precihole’s pull reaming machine series combines high speed sizing of holes. Surface finish as well as consistency of holes across the length of the part is vastly improved after pull reaming.Primary application of this series is in firearm manufacturing for all small caliber weapon systems.

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Deep Hole Drilling Special Purpose Machines

Special Purpose Machines

Multi Spindle Multi Axis

Precihole specializes in custom manufacturing deep hole drilling and hole finishes machines that are not covered in our standard series. With over 30 years of special machine design and development experience under its belt and a team of highly experienced concept and design engineers, Precihole prides itself to be one of the best SPM manufacturers in the industry.

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