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Machining and Assembly Services

Precihole Machine Tools is a global leader in providing state of the art Deep Hole Drilling and Hole Finishing Machines for the engineering industry. These machines have hundreds of parts that get manufactured in-house and through qualified vendors. We extend this service to other assemblies for strategic partners and customers as well. A qualified team of manufacturing and process engineers ensures that all product requirements get incorporated into manufactured parts. We are ISO9000 certified and strictly follow all necessary system requirements. Using advanced techniques in production planning and scheduling, we can keep our commitments to deliver under varying customer demands. Our manufacturing facilities provide a great advantage of globally transportation of components quite easily by air or sea. Precihole is your partner in providing machining and assembly services at extremely competitive prices. Our quality is guaranteed to be the best. Please send us your requirements through the website for any potential complex machining and product assembly requirements you might have. You may also email us at Our component manufacturing sales specialist will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss your application needs.

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