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Deep Hole Drilling - Industries and Typical applications

Precihole Machine Tools is a leading manufacturer of deep hole drilling and hole finishing solutions. Our focus on this niche technology over the last 3 decades has made us the only recognized brand in India with the most complete range of solutions offered in this technology. Our strength is to be creative and customize an engineering solution that is perfectly suited to the needs of the customer. This is by no means an easy task, since deep hole drilling and hole finishing solutions have over 150 different applications spread across 20+ industries.

Majority of deep hole drilling applications are found in the following industries:


Defense & Firearm

Gun Barrels /Artillery Gun Barrels / Breech Block / Shells / Track Shoes


Medical Implants and Devices

Orthopedic Implants / Screws



Fuel Rails / Pump Barrels / Nozzles/ Shocker Tube / Crank Shaft / Piston Pins / Gudgeon Pins


Tool Making

Boring Bars and other tool shafts / Honing Mandrels / Slitting Blades (Rectangular)



Landing Gear Shaft / Cylinders Manufactured from Solid Shafts / Aluminum Components



Engine Housing Oil Gallery Holes / Connecting Rods / Cam Shafts / Rocker Arm Shafts


Die & Mold

Cooling Holes in Mold Bases & Plates / Ejector Pin / Ejector Sleeves



Nuclear Fuel Rods / Tube Sheet


Oil & Gas

Shafts / Extensions / Collars / Tools


Injection Molding

Single Bore and Twin Bore Screw Barrels / Screw Central Hole


Glass mold

Cooling Holes in Glass Molds


Graphite Heat Exchangers

Graphite Blocks / Graphite Cylinders


Automotive (Tractors)

Transmission Shafts / Intermediate Shafts / OPT Shafts / Crank Case


Electrode for Aluminum Smelting Plant


Printing Machine

Printing Rolls


Steel Plants

Drive Rolls / Idler Rolls / Conveyor Rolls / High Tension Bolts


Power Transmission

Copper Electrodes / SS Pins & Hooks