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Automation and Robot Readiness on Precihole Machines

Efficiency, Productivity and Continuity are on top of every machine shop manager’s mind today. The fatigue endured by a human worker during a day’s work in loading unloading parts on machines, moving material around the shop, lifting heavy parts can cause chronic body injuries. Use of robotics and automation in shops really assists in ensuring that factories produce parts continually and consistently without interruption making our country less dependent on imports. In today’s world with a global pandemic affecting most countries, use of robotics and automation has become all the more relevant to ensure that factories run at optimal levels, especially for medical and defense applications.
Precihole Machine Tools, a global leader in Deep Hole Drilling and Hole Finishing Technologies has been on the forefront of integrating automation and robotics in their solutions for the past many decades. Precihole has a gamut of automation and robotics options on their solutions for factories using their machines on a 24 X 7 basis. Precihole can provide automation on one particular machine for loading/unloading parts without using human assistance or can integrate automation between multiple machines to run the cell. Precihole provides all the interfacing and interlocks needed to communicate with a myriad of robot brands like Fanuc, Mitsubishi, ABB, Kuka, Yaskawa etc.


Following are some striking examples where Precihole has successfully integrated robotics and automation in their solutions.
· Robotic pick and place automation solution for a complete cell of high-volume production of gun barrels for firearm manufacturing that includes use of auto door opening and closing feature and electronic interfacing
· Robotic automation for line transfer of parts on a Skiving and Roller burnishing machine for automotive parts and hydraulic cylinders
· Conveyor or Walking Beam Automation for gun drilling of a wide variety of transmission, input, gear and other shafts in Automotive industry
· Gantry style automation with fuzzy logic and AI for deep hole drilling of steel billets in seamless manufacturing of stainless-steel tubes used in Oil & Gas industry
· Completely automated transfer line of 24 machines for Hydraulic Steering Assembly

The Robotics and automation features provided on Precihole’s machines are robust, well-designed and capable of enduring constant wear and tear. Innovation, creative engineering and keeping up with the latest technology like IOT 4.0 compliance ensures that Precihole provides the best value in their solutions for over 150 applications spread across 10 different industries. With over 30 years of machine building experience and export of machines to all major markets in the world, Precihole has kept its promise of inspiring the industry with innovative solutions and delivering them with impressive lead times.
Precihole Machine Tools produces a complete line of machines for Gun Drilling, BTA Drilling, Boring, Trepanning and Skiving & Roller Burnishing. Precihole Machine Tools has 3 manufacturing plants in Mumbai with a total of 150,000 sq.ft of floor space. Precihole also has a competent team of over 150 individuals that are responsible for designing, manufacturing and servicing our products. Precihole continues to innovate continually and bring new products to market.