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Advantages of gun drilling in manufacturing of medical implants

Gun drilling is a precision machining process that is commonly used in the medical industry to produce high-quality, complex-shaped medical implants. Some of the advantages of gun drilling in manufacturing of medical implants include:
1. High Precision: Gun drilling is a highly precise process that can produce very accurate and consistent holes in medical implants. This precision is essential in producing implants that can fit perfectly and function effectively.
2. Improved Surface Finish: The gun drilling process results in a very smooth surface finish on the inside of the hole, which is important for medical implants that come into contact with body tissue.
3. Increased Strength: Gun drilling can increase the strength and durability of medical implants by producing a more uniform and consistent material structure.
4. Reduced Risk of Contamination: Gun drilling is a closed process that eliminates the risk of contamination from outside sources, which is important for medical implants that need to be free from bacteria and other contaminants.
5. Faster Production: Gun drilling is a fast and efficient process that can produce medical implants in a shorter amount of time than other manufacturing methods, which can reduce costs and lead times.
6. Versatility: Gun drilling can be used to produce a wide range of complex shapes and sizes of medical implants, making it a versatile manufacturing method.
Overall, gun drilling is a highly precise and efficient manufacturing method that can produce high-quality medical implants with improved strength, surface finish, and reduced risk of contamination.

Precihole’s latest GVN06M micro gun drilling machine is truly customized to fit all the needs of gun drilling in medical parts. The drilling range of 1 mm (0.04’’) to 6 mm (0.25’’) and a max part length of 300 mm (12’’) cover the complete spectrum of all medical parts. Special work holding arrangements on both sides provide an accurate locating and clamping mechanism for parts on the machine. 20,000 RPM on the tool spindle provides ample speeds for drilling process. A coolant pressure of up to 170 bar (2500 psi)

ensures that the chips are evacuated properly from the part. This solution is offered in a single spindle version and a twin spindle version with independent slides.

Machine Features

· Compact Footprint with only 100 - 130 sq. ft. floor space needed per machine.

· Option of single spindle or twin spindle with independent slides for high productivity

· Use of motorized (direct) spindles with speeds of up to 24,000 RPM

· Component counter rotation speeds up to 2000 RPM

· High pressure coolant pump delivery up to 170 bar (2500 psi) pressure

· Multi-stage filtration system with 5-micron filtration level

· Hi precision component holding arrangement to hold complex profiles on part ends.