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Defense Industry

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Defense Industry Deep Hole Drilling Machines

The idea of deep hole drilling emerged from its use for generating long and straight holes in the Guns and armaments industry. Defence industry is one of the major areas where deep hole drilling finds its application. The Barrel is the heart of the Gun and to obtain an accurate hole with the required surface finish is one of the precursors to a very accurate gunshot! Gun Barrel drilling is one of our specialties. Precihole has supplied numerous deep hole drilling solutions to most Ordnance factories in India for drilling and finishing various types of barrels like Piston barrel, Rifle Barrel, Shotgun Barrel etc. Precihole has developed specialty machines for operations like Rifling, Draw Boring, Pull Reaming, Honing and regularly services components like Torpedo tubes, actuator casing, breech block etc. for the defence industry.

Single Axis Gun Drilling Machine

GVN Series

Single Axis Gun Drilling

This series is our most popular series and has 100s of applications in dozens of industries. This series covers drilling range from Ø2mm to Ø40 mm and lengths of parts up to 1500 mm. Machines are designed for 3 shift production mode and provide all the features for excellent output parameters like straightness, bore tolerance and surface finish.

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BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machine

BVN Series

BTA Drilling

Precihole’s BVN series BTA deep hole drilling machines are well designed and robust to take heavy loads while drilling large holes. This series covers hole drilling from Ø20 mm to Ø250 mm solid and counter boring to Ø400 mm. Work piece lengths of 500mm to 10m can be accomodated on these machines. These machines are configurable with features depending on accuracy requirements and type of parts to be drilled.

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Pull Reaming Machine

PRVN Series

Pull Reaming

Precihole’s pull reaming machine series combines high speed sizing of holes. Surface finish as well as consistency of holes across the length of the part is vastly improved after pull reaming.Primary application of this series is in firearm manufacturing for all small caliber weapon systems.

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Horizontal Honing Machine

HHM Series

Horizontal Honing

Precihole’s horizontal honing machine series is designed to provide all the features necessary to hone IDs in cylindrical shafts. Applications range from Oil & Gas industry, Energy and Military. These machines can be configured to hone parts from Ø30 mm to Ø400 mm up to 10m in length.

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Vertical Honing Machine

VHM Series

Vertical Honing

Precihole’s Vertical Honing Series is versatile and incorporates all the necessary features to produce excellent sizing and surface finish in a variety of parts in various industries. Precihole also provides all the fixturing and tooling needed for sizes ranging from Ø5 mm to Ø40 mm in this series.

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