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Precihole Machine Tools is a leader in providing state-of-the-art, well designed, reliable and cost effective machines to the engineering industry.  Precihole’s complete line of deep hole drilling machines is designed to meet the needs of the modern machine shop now and for many years to come. These machines offer a wide range of features and capabilities making them versatile to suit a myriad of applications in various industries. The multi-axis and multi-spindle versions boost productivity many folds without compromising on accuracy and rigidity.

The newly introduced next generation BTA drilling machines provide enough power to easily drill into solid metal up to 350mm (13’’) and lengths of up to 15m (45 ft.). Precihole also specializes in manufacturing custom designed special purpose machines that cater to complex drilling and machining needs.

After all ….we have been in business for 30 years!
Single Axis Gun Drilling Machine for small diameter gun drilling solutions   Three Axis Gun Drilling Machine for prismatic component gun drilling solutions   BTA deep hole drilling machines – premium
Single Axis Gun Drilling Machine   3 Axis Gun Drilling Machine   BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machine
Skiving and burnishing machine – Hole Finishing machine   customized deep hole drilling machine   Precihole special purpose machines
Skiving and Burnishing Machine   Customized Deep Hole Drilling Machines   Special Purpose Machines
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